Sancerre – taste of paradise

Sancerre is a small wine kingdom somewhere in central France, about 2 hours driving from Paris.
It is famous for its crisp, aromatic white wines made from Sauvignon Blanc.
You could hear about Sancerre if you like the goat cheese, because it is also known for a high-quality goat cheese Crottin de Chavignol that makes a perfect match with a glass of white wine made in this little paradise.
When I say PARADISE I mean it!
The vineyards here are everywhere you look, surrounding the city Sancerre which is located on a bean-shaped hill, overlooking the river Loire, the longest river in France.
The town’s name is strongly associated with white wines, but it wasn’t always like that.
Before 20th century this district was better known for its light-bodied reds.
Until phylloxera wiped out vast tracts of vineyard in the 1800s, which were planted mostly with red-wine varieties such as Gamay and Pinot Noir.
When the solution to the phylloxera epidemic was identified Sauvignon Blanc vines proved more responsive than other varieties.
Thus Sauvignon came to be Sancerre’s most widely planted variety – a development without which the district and its wines would not be as famous as they are today.
The white wines of Sancerre are among the world’s most celebrated Sauvignon Blanc wines.

The wine is bright, pale straw yellow, has an intense aromas of citrus fruit, minerals and grassiness.

Is refreshing and dry with fresh fruit and mineral notes and its hallmark crisp acidity.

I highly recommend you to visit this amazingly beautiful, still unspoilt town of Sancerre and you will have an unforgettable experience!

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