Time … or Moldova seen by a French

Define time…

When looking at this request, every single one of us will probably have its own definition of it. Immediate, partial, and therefore limited definition of it.
Time represents the amount of good and bad memories we finally end up by having in our life time. Things that we will remember for all the positive or negative aspects we went thru.
Time is influenced by our decisions and all the ones we couldn’t take, time is influenced by all the people we’ve met and the ones that we’ve accepted to be surrounded by, including by the ones that we’ve rejected because even when consciously taking the decision of pushing them back we have actually voluntarily spent ‘time’ taking action.
Time is precious for all the above and also mostly because we don’t control it. But it becomes a real luxury, when it gives you the ultimate reward without you knowing it: eternity…
Time can actually freeze and expand.
Few situations, contexts or environments can actually lead you to feel this way.
Places sometimes … The most unexpected places.
One of them is Moldova
0f6b6-36fvkq1w8bdgniaps_oxtioljj-qjatchhbl6uthrzaI have recently traveled for the second time to Moldova and this overwhelming flow of emotions, sweet memories, sensation of richness and happiness that literally nourished and filled my soul the first time was confirmed once again…
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I do travel. A lot…

I actually spent very few years in my own country.
This came to the point of my relatives asking me what my favourite country is.
This question is of course impossible to answer because my natural reaction to it would be to try defining a perfect place and it would be made of a patchwork of multiple things I had the chance to observe and share in several parts of the world. But there is another way to define perfect or favourite places: the ones that we all remember from our childhood.

These places in which innocence, security and our ability to be part of a group, a clan, were impacting us as kids: we all remember at least of one moment when it felt so good staying at our grand-parents or parents places…

These moments were perfect.

They filled our souls.

Exactly like Moldova does to me…

3d4fb-20130830_090657 b7f3f-img_1807

Your country looks like mine, or like it was, 50 years ago

Independently of who you meet in Moldova and what are the people made of (their education level, their socio-professional categories) a simple eye contact immediately conveys the richness of their soul: simplicity, ethic, values, respect, emotions…
People share, communicate, connect and smile.
Seeing this refreshing life style freezes time and prints eternal moments in my memory. Like when I was a kid…
It is a huge wake up call.
Where I come from, we had all this, long time ago.
And we lost track of it, we lost track of time…

During my second trip to Moldova I saw people gathering for the most beautiful reason: two souls declaring their love and faith to each other in a wedding.
People sharing with me and enjoying unbelievable sites full of wine and history.
Others, exchanging with me about multicultural experiences and consciously, happily, positively, sharing ideas, convictions…
People laughing, connecting and communicating through their different languages and expressions supports.
Then some of the above picture went wrong.
A large part of the people which had attended the wedding got sick, a driving experience lead us to be confronted to an hysterical and armed stupid fellow, my wedding suit happened to also serve for an ‘international lawyer’ representation, I got tattooed (yes I did! That’s a first 🙂 and ended up my trip in a bunker 🙂
Yes! There are bunkers in Moldova, I know the location of at least one of them by now.
One week had passed and it seemed like a month.

Time freezes in Moldova…

If I had only one advice to give to Moldovans, it would be to never forget all the list of values I have described above that they possess and that are so easily and often abandoned in other countries.
To really open your eyes to this ability you have to freeze time, and generated unforgettable memories into people’s mind.

This is rare, this is what real luxury is about…

See you soon… 🙂

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